SEESET is our signature efficiency software that records all information from the machine during its operation.Management can utilize this useful information such as:
- to analyze and improve productivity
- to reduce production cost
- to measure KPI

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Software Design & Development

Our software products are fully customizable to suits customer's purpose and requirements.Our after sales service provides..

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IT System & Network Solution

We provide various IT & Network solution to empower the performance of business processes.Including consultants..

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Electrical & Communication System

We professionalize in both indoor and outdoor Electrical & Communication System.Our highly experienced engineers offer..

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Company Profile

ZENALYSE was established on August 6, 2009. We provide professional services in Software Development, IT system, and Network Solution. In 2013, we launched “SEESET”, our signature software to help improve the machinery efficiency. In 2014, PATLITE, the worldwide provider of innovative LED status indicating lights from Japan joined us in developing their hardware equipment via wireless technology. We focuses on developing and delivering professional solutions based on customer benefits. We will continually expand our knowledge and skills to improve our services and serve your needs.

Customer References

We take immense pride in all previous achievement with our customers. These achievements have fully manifested our continuous commitment to strive for customer's satisfaction. Looking ahead, we will continue our path of customer centricity, delivering quality service which exceeds customers’ expectations.” Be part of our pride.

Recent Works

ANDON Installation
System Develop
In The Meeting Room
In Plant
TV Installation
PLC Configuration
Injection Machine Work
System Test

"We'll Never Forget Who We're Working For" ZENALYSE

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