SEESET is our signature efficiency software that records all information from the machine during its operation.Management can utilize this useful information such as:

- to analyze and improve productivity
- to reduce production cost
- to measure KPI

Moreover, our SEESET can also integrate data to other system e.g. MRP/ EPR.SEESET uses a wireless technology which makes process more efficient and effective. SEESET is controlled by our professional staffs to provide you a responsive consultation and support. We guarantee the ease of use and massive cost saving for you.


"Visualization of current information about the status of all machines
and production lines on large screens in factories."


"The historical status of machines alert and alarms
that occurred during the selected period."


"Real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness
calculations to identify cost reduction opportunities."


"Monitor your productivity in real-time and optimize your
operations'process management.
Set your goals and keep track of your business"

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